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Hwasong-12 MRBM

Hwasong-12 MRBM

The North Korean single stage Hwasong-12 is a liquid fueled IRBM of estimated 4500 km range.

The Hwasong-12 appears to be a stretched improved version of the Hwasong-10 IRBM and appears to be single staged.

The missile was first shown in the 2017 military parade and has conducted its first successful flight after three failures in May 2017 from a site near Kuosong, likely Panghyon Air Base, on a lofted short range trajectory of 787 km range and 2111 km apogee height, which hints to a maximum range of about 4500 km.

The launch failure of 28 April 2017 impacted in the North Korean city of Tokchon, causing considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings.

No:    TNo:     Type              Date             LS       Payload

 1      1       Hwasong-12        04.04.2017   *F  Sin      R&D
 2      2       Hwasong-12        15.04.2017   *F  Sin      R&D
 3      3       Hwasong-12        28.04.2017   *F  Puk      R&D
 4      4       Hwasong-12        14.05.2017   *   Pan      R&D
 5      5       Hwasong-12        28.08.2017   *   Sun      R&D
 6      6       Hwasong-12        15.09.2017   *   Sun      R&D

Planned launches:

Launch sites:

Pan = Panghyon Air Base, Kusong County, North P’yŏngan Province, North Korea North KoreaPuk = Pukchang airfield, South P’yongan Province, North Korea North KoreaSin = Sinpo Shipyard, South Hamgyong Province, North Korea North Korea
Sun = Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, Pyongyang, North Korea North Korea †

*  = suborbital