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Hwasong-10 ("Nodong-B", "Musudan", "Mirim", "BM-25") MRBM

Hwasong-10 MRBM

The North Korean single stage Hwasong-10, also known as "Nodong-B", BM-25, Musudan or Mirim, missile appears to be derived from the soviet R-27 (SS-N-6) submarine launched missile. Hwasong-10 has longer tanks and is launched from a mobile launch platform. Reportedly it has a range of 3000  4000 km.

The "Nodong-B", "Musudan", "Mirim" and "BM-25" designators are western designations. The North Korean name of the missile is likely Hwasong-10.

In 1987/88 the missile technology was acquired from the former USSR. The missile was first observed in 2003 at the Mirim air field. The "Nodong-B" technology has reportedly exported to the Iran.

Although the missile has been shown on parade in 2010 in Pyongyang, flight tests have not been reported until 2016, when flight tests in a rather high frequency begun.

No:    TNo:     Type              Date             LS      Payload

 x      1       Hwasong-10        14.04.2016 F *   Hod     R&D
 x      2       Hwasong-10        27.04.2016 F *   Hod     R&D
 x      3       Hwasong-10        27.04.2016 F *   Hod     R&D
 x      4       Hwasong-10        30.05.2016 F *   Hod     R&D
 x      5       Hwasong-10        21.06.2016 F *   Kal     R&D
 x      6       Hwasong-10        21.06.2016   *   Kal     R&D
 x      7       Hwasong-10        15.10.2016 F *   Pan     R&D
 x      8       Hwasong-10        19.10.2016 F *   Pan     R&D
 x      9       Hwasong-10        10.02.2017   *   Pan     R&D

Planned launches:

Launch sites:

Hod = Hodo peninsula, Kumya County, South Hamgyong Province, North Korea North Korea
Kal = Kalma Airport, Wonsan County, Kangwon Province, North Korea North KoreaPan = Panghyon Air Base, Kusong County, North P’yŏngan Province, North Korea North Korea †

*  = suborbital


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