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Hermes-B1 (RTV-G-3)


The Hermes-B1 launch vehicle was a modified German A-4 (V-2) missile for experiments in the Hermes-2 ram-jet program.

The Hermes-B1 featured enlarged fins to ensure aerodynamical stability while launching the winged Ram vehicle.

The first five Hermes-B1 missiles, numbered 0 through 4, were intended to feature aerodynamic replicas of the ramjets and other aerodynamic surfaces and did not have separating second stages, while missiles 5-9 were to have "live," free-flying Ram stages with guidance. Only four vehicles were launched - one of these diverted off course and impacted in Mexico. No vehicles with free flying or even powered Ram stages were ever launched, and the project terminated in 1954.

Version Stage 1
Hermes-B1 (RTV-G-3) mod. A-4 (V-2)
Nr    Vehicle        Serial      Date          LS        Subor  Suc   Payload       Remark                          

 1    Hermes-B1      B-1 #0      29.05.1947    WS LC-33     *    P    Ram #0         impact in Mexico         
 2    Hermes-B1      B-1 #1      03.01.1949    WS LC-33     *         Ram #1        
 3    Hermes-B1      B-1 #2      06.10.1949    WS LC-33     *         Ram #2       
 4    Hermes-B1      B-1 #2A     09.11.1950    WS LC-33     *         Ram #2A       

* = suborbital

Launch sites:

WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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