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The Hermes-A1 was an experimental mission based on the German C-2 Wasserfall anti-aircraft rocket of World War II.

The Hermes-A1 missile was originally planned for use as an antiaircraft system. Following the establishment of the Nike project, though, the Hermes requirement for a surface-to-air missile was cancelled. An amendment to the prime contract redirected the project toward research, development, and engineering work leading to the establishment of a "family" of surface-to-surface missiles for the Army. The expected developments included missiles, rocket as well as ramjet propulsion systems, launching equipment, and fire control systems. Because of this, the Hermes-A1 was relegated to use only as a test vehicle.

Five Hermes-A1 missiles were launched from White Sands in 1950-51. Three of them were successful.

Nr TypeNr     Vehicle                    Date      Subor Suc LS          Payload 

      1       Hermes-A1                  19.05.1950  *   F  WS LC-33     (R&D)
      2       Hermes-A1                  14.09.1950  *   F  WS LC-33     (R&D)
      3       Hermes-A1                  02.02.1951  *      WS LC-33     (R&D)
      4       Hermes-A1                  15.03.1951  *      WS LC-33     (R&D)
      5       Hermes-A1                  26.04.1951  *      WS LC-33     (R&D)

* = suborbital

Launch sites:

WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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