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H-3-30S [JAXA]

H-3-22L (ALOS 3) [JAXA]

H-3-24L [JAXA]

The H-3 is a rocket series developed by JAXA and industrial partners. It is planned to replace the current H-2A at a lower cost.

The vehicle has a principal diameter of 5.2 m, inherited from the H-2B, and stands approximately 63 m high.

The LOX/LH2 fueled first stage is powered by either two or three LE-9 engines, which feature an open expander cycle, in which hydrogen from the engine turbopump is diverted to the main combustion chamber's cooling channels and then used to drive the turbines before being injected into the combustion flow at the nozzle extension.

For launch, the first stage can be augmented by 2 or 4 solid rocket boosters, which are improved versions of the SRB-A.

The second stage is also LOX/LH2 fueled and based on an improved LE-5B engine.

H-3 is planned to be operational by the early 2020s.

Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2
H-3-30S / H-3-30L - 3 × LE-9 LE-5B-3
H-3-22S / H-3-22L 2 × SRB-A3 2 × LE-9 LE-5B-3
H-3-32S / H-3-32L 2 × SRB-A3 3 × LE-9 LE-5B-3
H-3-24S / H-3-24L 4 × SRB-A3 2 × LE-9 LE-5B-3
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
H-3-30 3000 2100
H-3-24 6500

No:  TNr:   Serial:  Type:           Fair     Date:         LS          Payload

 1    1     TF1      H-3-22S         S        07.03.2023 F  Ta YLP-2    ALOS 3
 2    2     TF2      H-3-22S         S        17.02.2024    Ta YLP-2    VEP 4 / CE-SAT 1E / TIRSAT


 3    3     TFx      H-3-22S         S        xx.06.2024    Ta YLP-2    ALOS 4
 x    x     F4       H-3             .        xx.xx.2023    Ta YLP-2    DSN 3
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.2025    Ta YLP-2    ETS 9 (Kiku 9)
 x    1     F3       H-3-24L         L        xx.xx.2024    Ta YLP-2    HTV-X 1
 x    x     x        H-3-24L         L        xx.xx.2025    Ta YLP-2    HTV-X 2
 x    x     x        H-3-24L         L        xx.xx.2025    Ta YLP-2    HTV-X 3
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.202x    Ta YLP-2    Inmarsat TBD
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.2025    Ta YLP-2    LiteBIRD
 x    x     x        H-3-24S         S        xx.xx.2026    Ta YLP-2    MMX
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.2023    Ta YLP-2    QZS 5
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.2023    Ta YLP-2    QZS 6
 x    x     x        H-3             .        xx.xx.2023    Ta YLP-2    QZS 7


Flight 1:    Stage 2 failed to ignite

Launch sites:

Ta  = Tanegashima Space Center, Tanegashima, Japan Japan

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