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Goddard [Blue Origin]

The Goddard experimental vehicle is a precursor to Blue Origins suborbital New Shepard vertical take-off, vertical-landing vehicle designed to take a small number of astronauts on a sub-orbital journey into space. Goddard seems to be comparable to NASAs DC-X prototype.

No technical details are currently known. Goddard was powered by nine engines, which used probably monopropellant Hydrogenperoxide (H2O2) as fuel.

The first flight in November 2006 reached a hight of about 100 m, followed by a soft landing on the concrete launch pad. Later flights expanded the flight envelope.

Version Stage 1
PM-1 (Goddard) PM-1 / 9 × ?
No:       Type:             Date          LS    Payload

 1    1   Goddard           13.11.2006 *  CR    R&D
 2    2   Goddard           22.03.2007 *  CR    R&D
 3    3   Goddard           19.04.2007 *  CR    R&D

Launch sites:

CR  = Blue Origin West Texas Launch Site, Corn Ranch, Van Horn, Culberson County, Texas, USA USA

*	Suborbital

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