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FTI [Avibrás]

The FTI or Fogtrein-I (Foguetes de Treinamento - Intermediário) is a medium cehicle of a family of Brazilian training rockets created jointly by the Air Force Command (COMAER) and Avibrás.

The rockets are used for testing, qualification and training of teams in the Alcântara Launch Center (CLA) and the Barreira do Inferno Launch Center (CLBI).

These vehicles are designed to be launched in adverse conditions such as high salinity, winds up to 10 m/s and rain up to 10 mm/h . All models will admit payloads (5 kg to 30 kg), with electric networks and telemetry equipment, along experiments of interest in the academic and scientific community.

FTI is a vehicle with a diameter of 0.3 m and a length of 5.4 m. The 490 kg rocket can achieve an apogee height of 60 km.

The mission of FTI is to be a model for operational training of a launch center, in isolation, without participation of the remote station for redundant monitoring vehicle, with telemetry in S-band, C-band transponders, flight termination, and height above 60 km.

Version Stage 1
No:   TNr  Type          Date             LS          Payload 

 1    1   FTI            03.08.2010  *    BdI         FTI-1
 2    2   FTI            30.09.2010  *    Al          FTI-2
 3    3   FTI            26.05.2011  *    Al          FTI-3
 4    4   FTI            27.05.2011  *    Al          FTI-4
 5    5   FTI            31.08.2011  *F   Al          FTI-5
 6    6   FTI            02.09.2011  *    Al          FTI-6
 7    7   FTI            13.11.2012  *    Al          FTI-7 (Operação Tangará I)
 8    8   FTI            29.11.2012  *    Al          FTI-8
 9    9   FTI            13.06.2013  *    Al          FTI-9
10   10   FTI            26.06.2013  *    BdI         FTI-10
11   11   FTI            09.05.2014  *    Al          FTI-11 (Operação Aguia I)
12   12   FTI            21.08.2014  *    Al          FTI-12
13   13   FTI            31.10.2015  *    Al          FTI-13 (Operação São Lourenço)
14   14   FTI            xx.xx.201x  *    Al          FTI-14 
15   15   FTI            27.11.2018  *    Al          FTI-15 (Operação Mutiti)

Launch sites:

Al  = Alcantara Space Center (CLA), Brazil Brazil
BdI = Centro de Lancamento da Barreira do Inferno (CLBI), Natal, Rio Grande N, Brazil Brazil

* = suborbital

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