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Corella was an Australian two stage sounding rocket built by the WRE (Weapons Research Establishment) for atmospheric research.

Corella was originally to use for first stage an Indus motor, an Australian modification of the British-designed Gosling motor. as this was not ready, initially a Gosling-4 was utilised as an interim measure until the Indus became available.

The second stage, Dorado, was an Australian modification of the British-designed Demon rocket motor, filled with an Australian solid fuel, which produced twice the power of the original design. It was a low-priority project of the Rocket Propulsion Group, which was developed over several years, and was also used as first stage in the Australian-designed Lorikeet sounding rockets, used for upper atmosphere research.

The Corella rocket made only two flights with Gosling motors in 1975 and 1976, both from Woomera. The Indus powered version was never flown.

Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2
Corella (1) Gosling-4 Dorado
Corella (2) Indus Dorado
No:   TNr   Type                     Date            LS               Payload 

xxx     1   Corella                  04.12.1975  *   Wo LA-2          C1002
xxx     2   Corella                  29.04.1976  *   Wo LA-2          ?

Launch sites:

Wo  = Woomera Instrumented Range, Woomera, South Australia, Australia Australia

* = suborbital

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