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Conestoga-1 [SSI]

After the failure to develop the liquid-fueled Percheron launch vehicle, Space Service Inc. (SSI) switched under the pressure of NASA to a solid fueled launcher, the Conestoga-1. It was based on the Aries sounding rocket, which was the second stage of the Minuteman ICBM, the M-56 motor. In the final orbital version, this motor would have been topped by two small solid fueled motors, creating a launch capability of some 100 kg to low earth orbit.

Only a single stage version with dummy upper stages was launched from Matagorda Island (Texas) to a height of 313 km to demonstrate the launch capability. As no orders followed, SSI focused on the development on the modular Conestoga-1000 series.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Conestoga-1 (1 stage) M-56A1 M-57A1 Dummy Dummy
Conestoga-1 M-56A1 M-57A1 ? Star-20 ?
Nr TypeNr  Vehicle              Date          LS             Payload

23    1    Conestoga-1 (1 st.)  09.09.1982    Ma       *     Conestoga 1

*	suborbital

Launch sites:

Ma  = Matagorda Island, Texas, USA USA

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