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Canadian Arrow

Canadian Arrow
(Canadian Arrow)

The Canadian Arrow is an attempt to win the X-Prize. It is a two-stage, three person sub-orbital rocket with the second stage doubling as an escape system. The first stage is based in shape and propulsion technology on the german A-4 (V-2) missile of World War II, but uses modern materials. The second stage (crew cabin)  contains four jet-assisted-take-off type rocket engines for second stage propulsion. The four solid rockets can be ignited at any point during the flight, including before launch, to initiate a zero altitude launch pad abort or an in-flight recovery sequence. At the edge of space, the second stage separates and ignites its engines, boosting the velocity enough to reach 70 miles altitude. Both stages are recovered from water after a parachutes landing. The pilot can use the cold gas jets to orient the second stage to provide the best window view for the passengers. The Candian Arrow Team has already tested the rebuilt A-4 engine. The first launch is planned for late 2004 from a barge on Lake Huron.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Canadian Arrow Ethanol / LOX engine 4 × solid motors
No.TypNo Type             Date          LS      Payload