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Super Heavy Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket)

Super Heavy Starship [SpaceX]

BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), renamed Starship, is a planned very large completely reusable launch system by SpaceX that is intended by the company to replace all SpaceX's existing launch vehicles and spacecraft by the early 2020s.

The rockets are completely reusable on both stages. The booster returns to launch mount. The expected landing reliability is to be on a par with major airliners. The upper stage vehicles are capable of automated rendezvous and docking. The spaceshipship and its payload can go to the Moon or Mars with in-orbit propellant loading. The BFR Spaceship contains 1000-1100 m3 of pressurized volume; could be configured with 40 cabins, large common areas, central storage, galley, and a solar storm shelter in Mars transit configuration.

The Super Heavy Starship has a principal diameter of 9 m. Both stages use methane and lox as fuel. The first stage, called Super Heavy, is powered by 35 Raptor engines and is capable of a powered vertical landing. Stage 2, called Starship, is 55 m long and initially powered 7 Raptor engines. Later iterations will use vacuum optimized Raptor engines. It uses also a powered vertical landing to return to earth. Super Heavy Starship will be 118 m high and will weigh 4400 t at launch.

The reusable upper stage comes in three versions, which share the same outer mold line:

  • BFR Spaceship (BFS) for crewed missions with up to 100 passengers
  • BFR Tanker (BFT) to refuel
  • BFR Spaceships in orbit
  • BFR Satellite Delivery Spacecraft for unmanned cargo and satellite delivery missions

The Spaceship version will be used for a lunar fly-by mission with commercial passengers.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) (Block 1) Starship (BFS) / 7 × Raptor -
Super Heavy Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) (Block 1) Super Heavy (BFR) / 35 × Raptor Starship (BFS) / 7 × Raptor
Super Heavy Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) (Block 2) Super Heavy (BFR) / 35 × Raptor Starship (BFS) / 3 × Raptor, 4 × Raptor-Vac
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Super Heavy Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) 150000
Super Heavy Starship (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) (exp) 250000
No.TypNo Type                          Date          LS         Payload 

planned launches

Launch sites:

BC  = Boca Chica Beach, Boca Chica, Texas, USA USA

Source: SpaceX Website