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Ātea-1 [Rocket Lab]

The Ātea-1 was a small sounding rocket developed by the New Zealand company Rocket Lab.

Ātea-1 was a hybrid fueled single stage rocket with a non-propulsive dart payload, capable to launch 2 kg payloads up to 150 km altitude. The engine uses a polymer based fuel with liquid Nitrous Oxide. The engine is capable of producing a peak thrust of 1,550 lbf for up to 14.5 s, resulting in a total impulse of approximately 22,500 lbf-s. The rocket had a length of 6 m and a diameter of 15 cm. At launch it had a weight of 60 kg.

The first and only launch took place on 30 November 2009 from Great Mercury Island, New Zealand, reching a height of about 100 km.

The enlarged Ātea-2 was cancelled.

Version Stage 1
Ātea-1 Ātea-1
Nr:   TNr:  Date:         Vehicle                       LS         Suc  Payload

 1     1    30.11.2009    Ātea-1                        GMI        *    Manu Karere     

Launch sites:

GMI = Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu), New Zealand New Zealand


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