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Arcon was a small sounding rocket developed by the Atlantic Research Corp. (ARC) for Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Ordnance.

The Arcon vehicle was to replace the single-stage Deacon sounding rocket, but was designed as a two-stage vehicle consisting of a fast-burning booster and a slow-burning sustainer stage. Both stages were developed by ARC. Arcon was to deliver a small payload to a height of 100 km.

The first three launches were conducted for NRL, but were not successful. In October 1958, the program was taken over by the newly created NASA, which conducted six more launches, of which only one reached the design altitude of 100 kg.

Due to the lack of success, the Arcon program was terminated in 1959.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Arcon 0.4KS3000 32KS1000
No:  Tn   Type                  Date              LS             Payload

 1   1     Arcon                16.07.1958   *F   WI             NRL-1
 2   2     Arcon                21.07.1958   *F   WI             SEL-1
 3   3     Arcon                22.07.1958   *F   WI             ?
 4   4     Arcon                14.05.1959   *    WI             NASA 2.01GT
 5   5     Arcon                15.05.1959   *    WI             NASA 2.02GT
 6   6     Arcon                15.05.1959   *F   WI             NASA 2.03GT
 7   7     Arcon                07.08.1959   *F   WI             NASA 2.04GT
 8   8     Arcon                07.08.1959   *F   WI             NASA 2.05GT
 9   9     Arcon                07.08.1959   *?   WI             NASA 2.06GT

Launch sites:

WI  = Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA

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