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Aerobee without booster

SeaBee being towed to launch site

SeaBee was a sea-launched Aerobee-100 without booster, which was launched directly from the ocean. It was recovered and relaunched.

Version Stage 1
Aerobee RTV-A-1c (X-8C) Aerobee AJ10-25
Aerobee RTV-A-1d (X-8D) Aerobee AJ10-25
SeaBee (Sea-launched Aerobee) Aerobee-100
No:   TNr    Type                     Date             LS              Payload 

xxxx     1   Aerobee RTV-A-1c         19.02.1952  *F   Ho A            USAF 22 (Airglow)
xxxx     1   Seabee                   24.10.1961  *    @PM             SEABEE (Hydra)
xxxx     2   Seabee                   02.11.1961  *    @PM             SEABEE (Hydra)

Launch sites:

@PM = Pacific Ocean off Point Mugu
Ho  = Holloman Air Development Center, New Mexico, USA USA

* = suborbital

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