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Aerobee-75 (Aerobee Hawk)

Aerobee-75 (SS12.048) [NASM]

Aerobee-75 (Aerobee Hawk) was a small sounding rocket using a Hawk SAM rocket motor. It was developed by Aerojet for the Army Signal Engineering Laboratory. First flight took place in 1958. Theoretically it could lift 45 kg to 120 km.

This series is technically not related to the liquid-fueled Aerobee family. The Aerobee-75 used a dual-thrust rocket motor from the Hawk anti aircraft missile development with four fins taken from the Aerobee family.

The Aerobee-75 was flown only four times. Hawk derived rockets only re-appeared about 16 years later with the Orion, when surplus Hawk motors became available.

Aerobee 90 was a projected two stage combination of Hawk and Sparrow missile stages. It was designed to lift 18 kg to 125 km, but was never produced.

Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2
Aerobee-75 (Aerobee Hawk) M22-E8 (?) -
Aerobee-90 M22-E8 (?) Sparrow
Nr:   TNr:  Date:         Vehicle                  LS         Suc  Payload

 1     1    23.05.1958    Aerobee-75               WS         *    IGY SS12.048     
 2     2    03.11.1958    Aerobee-75               Gu         *    IGY SS12.050     
 3     3    07.11.1958    Aerobee-75               Gu         *    IGY SS12.051  
 4     4    22.11.1958    Aerobee-75               Gu         *    IGY SS12.057  

Launch sites:

Gu  = Andersen AFB ?, Guam, Guam GuamWS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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