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The soviet three stage 1Ya2TA sounding rocket was based on the V-1000 anti-ballistic-missile.

The 9000 kg rocket could carry a 520 kg payload to a height of 400 km.

In the 60ies and early 70ies, six launches of this sounding rocket were performed at Kapustin Yar. Four carried the Yantar scientific payloads, while the other two tested ion engines.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
1Ya2TA ? ? ?
No:  TypNo   Type:           Date:            LS        Payload

 1      1    1Ya2TA          01.10.1966   *   KY        Yantar 1
 2      2    1Ya2TA          xx.xx.1968   *   KY        Yantar 2
 3      3    1Ya2TA          xx.10.1969   *   KY        Ion 1
 4      4    1Ya2TA          xx.xx.1969 ? *   KY        Yantar 3
 5      5    1Ya2TA          xx.08.1970   *   KY        Ion 2
 6      6    1Ya2TA          xx.xx.1971   *   KY        Yantar 4

Launch sites:

KY  = Kapustin Yar (GTsP-4, GTsMP-4), Volgograd, Russia Russia

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