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Sergeant / Castor-1 / -2 / Pollux



Solid fuel engine for strap-on, stage 1 and 2 Applications

Name Manufacturer Mass (kg) Mass, Empt (kg) Mass, Prop (kg) Prop Thrust Vac (kN) ISP (sec) Tot. Imp. (MNs) Burn (s) Diam (m) Length (m) Remark
TX-12 Thiokol
Sergeant (TX-20) Thiokol 0.79
Pollux Thiokol 0.79
Castor-1 (TX-33) Thiokol 0.79 5.92
Castor-2 (TX-354-3) Thiokol 0.79 6.27
Castor-2 (TX-354-4) Thiokol 0.79 5.96
Castor-2 (TX-354-5) Thiokol 0.79 6.04

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