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Spacecraft Acronyms

Following list should expand most of the acronyms used in space payloads:

Orbital Payloads:

Acronym Meaning

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3B5GSAT 3rd Generation Before 5th Generation Satellite
4M Manfred Memorial Moon Mission

A Application Satellite
AAM Advanced Avionics Module
AAP Americom Asia Pacific
AAU-Cubesat Aalborg University Cubesat
ABRIXAS A Broadband Imaging X-Ray All-Sky Survey
AC Atlas Centaur
ACS3 Advanced Composite Solar Sail System
ACE Advanced Composition Explorer
ACP Attitude Controlled Platform
ACRIMsat Active Cavity Radiometric Irridiance Monitor Satellite
ACRV Assured Crew Return Vehicle
ACTS Advanced Communication Test Satellite
AD Air Density
ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite
ADM Atmospheric Dynamics Mission
ADRAS-J Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan
AE Atmospheric Explorer / Aeronomy Explorer
AEHF Advanced Extreme High Frequency Satellite
AEM Application Explorer Mission
AEPEX Atmospheric Effects of Precipitation through Energetic X-rays
AERCam Autonomous Extravehicular Activity Robot Camera
AFP Air Force Project
AGILE Astro-rivelatore Gamma ad Immagini Leggero
AIM Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere
AIMP Anchored Interplanetary Monitoring Platform
AIS Automatic Identification System
ALBus Advanced eLectrical Bus
ALEXIS Array of Low-Energy X-Ray Imaging Sensors
ALI Advanced Land Imager
Almasat Alma Mater Satellite
ALOS Advanced Land Observation Satellite
AlSat Algerian Satellite
ALTIUS Atmospheric Limb Tracker for Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere
AMC Americom
AMOS Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite
AMPTE Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer
AMS Advanced Meteorological Satellite
AMS Agile Micro Satellite
AMS Alpha Magnet Spectrometer
AMSAT Amateur Satellite
AMSC American Mobile Satellite Corporation
AMU Astronaut Maneuvering Unit
ANASIS Army / Navy / Air Force Satellite Information System
ANDE Atmospheric Neutral Drag Experiment
ANDESITE Ad-Hoc Network Demonstration for Extended Satellite-Based Inquiry and Other Team Endeavors
ANGELS Argos Neo on a Generic Economical and Light Satellite
ANGELS Automated Navigation and Guidance Experiment for Local Space
ANNA Army, Navy, NASA, Air Force
ANS Astronomical Netherlands Satellite
AO Amsat Oscar
AO Arsene Oscar
AOSAT Asteroid Origins Satellite
AOSO Advanced Orbiting Solar Observatory
APEX Advanced Photovoltaic & Electronic Experiment
APEX-IK Active Plasma Experiment Interkosmos
Apple Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment
APStar Asia Pacific Star
ARAPAIMA Application for RSO Automated Proximity Analysis and Imaging
ARC Advanced Research & Global Observation Satellite
ARCE Articulated Reconnaissance and Communications Expedition
ARGOS Advanced Research & Global Observation Satellite
Aries Australian Resource Information and Environment Satellite
ARKSAT Akansas Satellite
ARRAKIHS Analysis of Resolved Remnants of Accreted galaxies as a Key Instrument for Halo Surveys
Arsene Ariane Radio-Amateur Satellite Enseignement Espace
Artemis Advanced Relay And Technology Mission
AS Apollo Saturn
ASBM Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission
ASC American Satellite Company
ASCA Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astronomy
ASTEX Advanced Space Technology Experiment
ASTP Apollo Soyuz Test Project
ASTP-DM Apollo Soyuz Test Project - Docking Module
Astro Astronomy Satellite
ASTRO Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations satellite
ASUSAT Arizona State University Satellite
ATCOS Atmospheric Composition Satellite
ATDA Augmented Target Docking Adaptor
ATEx-LEB Advanced Tether Experiment - Lower End Body
ATEx-UEB Advanced Tether Experiment - Upper End Body
ATHENA Advanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics
ATHENOXAT Athene Noctua Experimental Satellite
ATS Application Technology Satellite
ATV Autonomous Transfer Vehicle
AUSAT Aarhus University Satellite
AUTcube Aichi University of Technology CubeSat
AWS Advanced Wideband Satellite
AXAF-I Advanced X-Ray Astronomy Facility - Imager

BATSAT Broadband Advanced Technologies Satellite
BCCSAT Bangkok Christian College Satellite
BD Beidou
BE Beacon Explorer
BGUSat Ben Gurion University Satellite
Bios Biological Satellite
Biosat Biological Satellite
BIROS Bispectral Infra-Red Optical System
BIRD Bispectral Infra-Red Detection
BLAST Bouchet Low-Earth Alpha/Beta Space Telescope
BLUEsat Basic Low Earth Orbit University of New South Wales Experiment Satellite
BNSCSat British National Space Centre Satellite
BOR Becpilotniye Orbitalniye Raketoplan
BORE Background Optical Radiation Experiment
BP Boiler Plate
BPA Blok Perspektivnoy Avioniki
BRICSat Ballistically Reinforced Communication Satellite
BRIsat Bank Rakyat Indonesia Satellite
BRO Breizh Reconnaissance Orbiter
BROS Binational Radiofrequency Observing Satellites
BS Broadcasting Satellite
B-Sat Broadcasting Satellite
BSB British Sky Broadcasting
BSE Broadcasting Satellite Experiment
BUSAT Beihang University Satellite

CADRE CubeSat investigating Atmospheric Density Response to Extreme driving
CACTUS Coordinated Applied Capitol Technology University Satellite
CaLeMPSat Cathode-Less Micro Propulsion Satellite
CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations
Calsphere Calibration Sphere
CAM Centrifuge Accomodation Module
CAMEO Chemically Active Materials Ejected in Orbit
CaNOP Canopy Near-IR Observing Project
CanX Canadian Advanced Nanospace Experiments
CANYVAL-C CubeSat Astronomy by NASA and Yonsei using Vision ALignment - Coronagraph
CANYVAL-X CubeSat Astronomy by NASA and Yonsei using Vision ALignment - EXperiment
CAPE Cajun Advanced Picosat Experiment
CapSat Capacitor Satellite
CAPSat Cool Annealing Payload Satellite
CAPSat Cooling, Annealing, Pointing Satellite
CAPSTONE Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment
CAS Cooperative Application Satellite
CASPA Cold Atom Space Payload
CAT Capsule Ariane Technologique
CAT CubeSat Assessment and Test
CATS Cloud-Aerosol Transport System
CatSat Cooperative Astrophysics & Technology Satellite
CBERS China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
CCE Charge Composition Explorer
CDS Capability Demonstration Satellite
CELESTA CERN Latchup Experiment Student satellite
CELTEE CubeSat Enhanced Locator Transponder Evaluation Experiment
CEP Cylindrical Electrostatic Probe
CERES Central European Regional Satellite
CeREs Compact Radiation Belt Explorer
CERES Capacité de Renseignement Electromagnétique d’origine Spatiale
Cerise Caractérisation de l'Environement Radioélectrique par un Instrument Spatial Embarque
CESAR Chile Satellite for Amateur Radio
CFESat Cibola Flight Experiment Satellite
CGRO Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
CHAMP Challenging Mini-Satellite Payload
CHARGECON-GEO Charge Control in Geostationary Orbit
CHARM CubeSat Hydrometric Atmospheric Radiometer Mission
CHEFsat Cost-effective High E-Frequency Satellite
CHEOPS Characterising Exoplanets Satellite
CHIME Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission for the Environment
CHIRP CubeSat VHF pulse transmitter to study the Ionospheric dispersion Radio Pulses
CHIRP Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload
CHOMPTT CubeSat Handling Of Multisystem Precision Time Transfer
CICERO Community Initiative for Cellular Earth Remote Observation
CIMR Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer
CINEMA CubeSat for Ions, Neutrals, Electrons, & Magnetic fields
CIRAS CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder
CIRBE CubeSat Inner Radiation Belt Experiment
CIRCE Coordinated Ionospheric Reconstruction CubeSat Experiment
CIRiS Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space
CHIPS Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
CLICK CubeSat Laser Infrared Crosslink
CM Command Module
CM Command Module
C/NOFS Communications / Navigation Outage Forecasting System
CNUSail 1 Chungnam National University Sail
CO2M Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring
COBE Cosmic Background Explorer
COBRAS / SAMBA Cosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite / Satellite for Measurement of Background Anisotropies
COF-APM Columbus Orbital Facility - Attached Pressurized Module
COMET Commercial Experiment Transporter
COMETS Communication Engineering Test Satellite
Compass Complex Orbital Magneto-Plasma Autonomous Small Satellite
COMS Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite
CONTOUR Comet Nucleus Tour
COPPER Close Orbiting Propellant Plume and Elemental Recognition
Coronas Comprehensive Orbital Near-Earth Observations of the Active Sun
COROT Convection Rotation à Transits planétaires / Convection Rotation and planetary Transits
Corsa Cosmic Radiation Satellite
COS Celestial Observation Satellite
COSI Compton Spectrometer and Imager
COSMIC Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate
COSMO Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin observation
CP Cal Poly Picosatellite
CPOD Cubesat Proximity Operations Demonstration
CREAM Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass
CRISTA-SPAS Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers & Telescopes for the Atmosphere Shuttle Palette Satellite
CRISTAL Copernicus Polar Ice and Snow Topography Altimeter
CRL Cambridge Research Laboratory Satellite
CRO Chemical Release Observation
CRRES Combined Release & Radiation Effects Satellite
CRV Crew Return Vehicle
CS Communication Satellite
CSES China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite
CSM Command Service Module
CSSWE Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment
CST-100 Crew Space Transportation 100
CSUNSat California State University Northirdge Satellite
CTA Canadian Target Assembly
CTIM-FDA Compact Total Irradiance Monitor Flight Demonstration
CTS Communication Technology Satellite
CU-E3 Colorado University Earth Escape Explorer
CubeRRT CubeSat Radiometer Radio Frequency Interface Technology
CUNYSAT City University of New York Satellite
CuPID Cusp Plasma Imaging Detector
CUSat Cornell University Satellite
CuSP CubeSat mission to study Solar Particles
CuSPP CubeSat mission to study Solar Particles over the Earth’s Poles
CUTE Cubical TITech Engineering Satellite
CX Chuang Xin
CX Citizen Explorer
CXO Chandra X-Ray Observatory
CySat Cyclone Satellite

D ?
D3 Drag De-Orbit Device CubeSat
DAD Double Air Density
DAILI Daily Atmospheric Ionospheric Limb Imager
DANDE Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer
DARPASAT Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Satellite
DART Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technologies
DART Double Asteroid Redirection Test
DASH Density And Scale Height
DASH Demonstrator of Atmospheric reentry System with Hyperbolic velocity
DATS Despun Antenna Test Satellite
DBS Direct Broadcasting Satellite
DC Docking Compartment
DE Dynamics Explorer
DEBUT Deployable Boom & Umbrella Test
DEMETER Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions
DEOS Deutsche Orbitale Servicing Mission
DESPATCH Deep Space Amateur Troubadour’s Challenge
DFH Dong Fang Hung
DFS Deutscher Fernmelde Satellit
DFS Development Flight Satellite
Dial-MIKA Diamant Allemagne - Mini Kapsel
Dial-WIKA Diamant Allemagne - Wissenschafts Kapsel
DICE Dynamic Ionosphere Cubesat Experiment
DISCOSAT Discovery Museum Satellite
DIVA Double Interferometer for Visual Astrometry
DLR-Tubsat Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Technische Universität Berlin Satellit
DM ?
DME Direct Measurement Explorer
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DODGE Department of Defense Gravity Gradient Experiment
DOS Dolgovremennaya Orbitalnaya Stanziya
DOSS Differential Optical Shadow Sensor
DOVE Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder
DQ Da Qi
DRIMS Delta Redundant Inertial Measurement System
DRS Data Relay Satellite
DRTS Data Relay & Tracking Satellite
DS Dneprovskiy Sputnik
DS Deep Space
DSE Distributed Sensing Experiment
DSCOVR Deep Space Climate Observatory
DSCS Defense Space Communication System
DSLWP Discovering the Sky at Longest Wavelengths Pathfinder
DSM Docking and Stowage Module
DSP Defense Support Program
DSPSE Deep Space Program Science Experiment
DSPSE-ISA Deep Space Program Science Experiment - Interstage Adaptor
DTUSat Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Satellite
DumSat Dummy Satellite
DUSTIE Dust Sounder and Temperature Imager Experiment
DUTHSat Democritus University of Thrace Satellite
DUVE Diffuse Ultra Violett Experiment

E-TBEx Enhanced Tandem Beacon Experiment
EAGLE ESPA Augmented Geostationary Laboratory Experiment
EarthCARE Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer
EAST East African Satellite Telecommunication
EcAMSat E. coli AntiMicrobial Satellite
ECOSTRESS Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
ECS European Communication Satellite
ECS Experimental Communication Satellite
EDUSAT Education Satellite
EduSat Education Satellite
EGG re-Entry satellite with Gossamer aeroshell and Gps/Iridium
EGO Eccentric Geophysical Observatory
EGRS Electronic & Geodetic Ranging Satellite
EGS Experimental Geodetic Satellite
EIVE Exploratory In-Orbit Verification of an E/W-Band Satellite Communication Link
EKA Eksperimentalniy Kosmichesky Apparat
EKS Edinaya Kosmicheskaya Sistema
ELEOsat Extreme Low Earth Orbit Satellite
ELFIN Electron Losses and Fields Investigation
ELFIN-STAR Electron Losses and Fields Investigation's Spatio-Temporal Ambiguity Resolver
EMIT Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation
Envisat Environment Satellite
EO Earth Orbiter
EOS-ALT Earth Observation System - Altimetry
EOS-AM Earth Observation System - At Morning
EOS-CHEM Earth Observation System - Chemistry
EOS-LAM Earth Observation System - Laser Altimetry Mission
EOS-PM Earth Observation System - Past Morning
EP Earth Probe
EPE Energetic Particles Explorer
EQUARS Equatorial Atmosphere Research Satellite
EQUULEUS Equilibrium Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft
ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
ERE Exospheric Radiation Experiment
EROS Earth Resources Observation Systems
ERS Environmental Research Satellite
ERS European Remote Sensing Satellite
ERTS Earth Resources Technological Satellite
EscaPADE Escape and Plasma Acceleration and Dynamics Explorers
ESCAPE Earth Science CubeSat for Advanced Payload Experiments
ESEO European Student Earth Orbiter
ESRO European Space Research Organisation
ESRS Environmental Science Research Satellite
ESS Evolved Strategic Satcom
ESSA Environmental Science Services Administration
ESSP Earth System Science Pathfinder
e-st@r Educational SaTellite @ politecnico di Torino
ETS Engineering Test Satellite
Eureca European Retrievable Carrier
Eutelsat European Telecommunication Satellite
EUVE Extreme Ultra Violett Explorer
Ex-Alta Experimental Albertan
Exos Exospheric Satellite
Exosat European X-Ray Observatory Satellite
EXPRESS Experiment Re-entry Space System

Faisat Final Analysis Inc. Satellite
Falcon-ODE Falcon Orbital Debris Experiment
FAME Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer
FARO Flare Activated Radio-biological Observatory
FASat Fuerza Aéra de Chile Satellite
FAST Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer
FASTRAC Formation Autonomy Spacecraft with Thrust, Relnav, Attitude and Crosslink
FBM French Brazilian Microsatellite
FedSat Federation Satellite
FEES Flexible Experimental Embedded Satellite
FGST Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
FIRST Far Infra Red Space Telescope
FLEX Fluorescence Explorer
FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communication
FO Fuji Oscar
FORTE Fast On Orbit Recording of Transient Events
FR France
FSW Fanhui Shi Weixing
FTV Flight Test Vehicle
FUSE Far Ultra Violet Spectroscopic Explorer
FY Feng Yun

GALEX Galaxy Evolution Explorer
GAIA Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics
GAMES Gravity And Magnetic Earth Surveyor
GASPACS Get Away Special Passive Attitude Control Satellite
GATV Gemini Agena Target Vehicle
GATOSS Global Air Traffic Awareness and Optimizing through Spaceborne Surveillance
GB ?
GE General Electric
GEC Geospace Electrodynamic Connections
GEMS Gravity and Extreme Magnetism SMEX
GemStar Global Electronic Messaging Star
Georg Geheimes Elektro-Optisches Reconnaissance System Germany
GEOS (3) Geodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOS (ESA) Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite
GEOS (Expl.) Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite
GeoXO Geostationary Extended Observations
GFO Geosat Follow On
GFZ Geo Forschungs Zentrum
GGSE Gravity Gradient Stabilisation Experiment
GGTS Gravity Gradient Test Satellite
GIFTS-IOMI Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer - Indian Ocean METOC Imager
GIOVE Galileo In-Orbit Validation Element
GISAT GEO Imaging Satellite
GiSAT Global IP Satellite
GLAST Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope
GLIDE Global Lyman-alpha Imagers of the Dynamic Exosphere
GLOMR Global Low Orbiting Message Relay
GLONASS Globalnaya Navigationnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema
GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
GO Gurwin Oscar
GOCE Global Ocean Circulation Explorer
GOES Geostationary Operational Environemental Satellite
GOLF GGreater Orbit, Larger Footprint
GOLF-TEE GGreater Orbit, Larger Footprint – Technology Exploration Environment
GOSAT Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite
GP Gravity Probe
GPIM Green Propellant Infusion Mission
GPS Global Positioning System
GRACE Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment
GRAIL Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory
Greb Galactic Radiation Energy Background
GRIFEX GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment
GRO Gamma Ray Observatory
GROUP-C GPS Radio Occultation and Ultraviolet Photometer on a Cubesat
GRS Geophysical Research Satellite
GRS German Research Satellite
GSSAP Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program
GSTB Galileo System Test Bed
GVM Gabaritno-Vesovoi Maket
GW-Sat George Washington Satellite

Hab Habitatation Module
HALCA Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communication and Astronomy
HARP HyperAngular Rainbow Polarimeter
HAUSAT Hankuk Aviation University Satellite
HCED Halley's Comet Experiment Deployable
HCMM Heat Capacity Mapping Mission
HEAO High Energy Astronomical Observatory
HeDI Helium Doppler Imager
HeidelSat Heidelberg Satellit
HEOS Highly Eccentric Orbit Satellite
HESSI High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
HETE High Energy Transient Experiment
HiakaSat Hyperspectral Imaging, Aeronautical Kinematic Analysis Satellite
HILAT High Latitude Reseach Satellite
HiNCube Høgskolen i Narvik CubeSat
Hipparcos High Precision Paralax Collecting Satellite
HISUI Hyperspectral Imager Suite
HITSAT Hokkaido Institute of Technology Satellite
HOPE H-2 Orbital Plane Experiment
HST Hubble Space Telescope
HTV H-2 Transfer Vehicle
HumSat-D Humanitarian Satellite - Demonstrator
Hutsat Helsinki University of Technology Satellite
HY Haiyang
HYLAS Highly Adaptable Satellite
HySIS Hyper Spectral Imaging Spectrometer
HyTI Hyperspectral Thermal Imager

IAE Inflatable Antenna Experiment
IBEX Interstellar Boundary Explorer
IBSS-SPAS Infrared Background Signature Survey - Shuttle Palette Satellite
ICE International Cometary Explorer
ICE-Cap Integrated Communications Extension Capability
ICECube Ionospheric Scintilation Experiment Cubesat
ICESAT Ice, Cloud & Land Elevation Satellite
ICM Interim Command Module
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit
IDCSP Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program
IDEA Ionization Density and Electric field Analyzer
IDEASSat Ionospheric Dynamics Explorer and Attitude Subsystem Satellite
IE Ionospheric Explorer (Injun Explorer)
IGOsat Ionospheric & Gamma-ray Observations Satellite
IGS Intelligence Gathering Satellite
Iinusat 1 Indonesian inter-university satellite
IKAROS Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of the Sun
IM Issledovatel'ny Modul'
IMAGE Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration
IMAP Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe
IMEWS Integrated Missile Early Warning Satellite
IMEX Inner Magnetosphere Explorer
IMP Interplanetary Monitoring Platform
INCA Ionospheric Neutron Content Analyzer
INDEX Inovative Technology Demonstration Experiment
INSPIRE Interplanetary NanoSpacecraft Pathfinder In a Relevant Environment
Intasat Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aerospacial Satélite
INTEGRAL International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
Intelsat International Telecommunication Satellite
INVADER Interactive satellite for Art and Design Experimental Research
IO Italian Oscar
IOCPS Integrated Optical Communications and Proximity Sensors
ION Illinois Observing Nanosatellite
IOSS Inflatable Optical Sphere System
IPEX Intelligent Payload Experiment
IQSY International Quiet Sun Year
IRAS Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite
IRCB Infra-Red Calibration Balloon
IRDT Inflatable Re-Entry and Descent Technology
Iris International Radiation Investigation Satellite
IRIS Infra-Red Imaging Surveyor
IRIS Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph
IRM Ion Release Module
IRS Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
IRT Integrated Rendezvous Target
IS Istrebitel Sputnikov
ISA Inter Stage Adapter
ISARA Integrated Solar Array and Reflectarray Antenna
ISAT Innovative Spacebased radar Antenna Technology
iSat Iodine Satellite
ISEE International Sun Earth Explorer
ISES Integrated Space Experiment System
Isis International Satellite for Ionosphere Studies
ISO Infrared Space Observatory
ISS International Space Station
ISS Ionosphere Sounding Satellite
Itamsat Italian Amateur Satellite
ITOS Improved Tiros Operational Satellite
ITS-P Integrated Truss Structure - Port
ITS-S Integrated Truss Structure - Starboard
ITS-Z Integrated Truss Structure - Zenith
ITV Instrumented Target Vehicle
IUE International UV Explorer
IXPE Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer
IXV Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle

JAESat Joint Australian Engineering Satellite
JAM Joint Airlock Module
JAS Japanese Amateur Satellite
JAWSAT Joint Air Force Academy / Weber State University Satellite
JCSat Japanese Communication Satellite
JD ?
JEM-EF Japan Experiment Module - Exposed Facility
JEM-ELM-ES Japan Experiment Module - Experimental Logistics Module Exposed Section
JEM-ELM-PS Japan Experiment Module - Experimental Logistics Module Pressurised Section
JEM-PM Japan Experiment Module - Pressurised Module
JERS Japanese Earth Resources Satellite
JIMO Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
JMAPS Joint Milli-Arcsecond Pathfinder Survey
JSSW Ji Shu Shiyan Weixing
Juno Jupiter Near-polar Orbiter
JWS Joint Warfighting Space

KAISTSat Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology Satellite
KASI-SAT Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Satellite
KAUSAT Korea Aerospace University Satellite
KF Kua Fu
KH Key Hole
KHUSAT Kyung Hee University Satellite
Kitsat Korea Institute of Technology Satellite
KITSUNE Kyutech standardized bus Imaging Technology System Utilizing Networking and Electron content measurements
KKS Kouku Kousen Satellite
KMSL Korea Microgravity Science Laboratory
KNACKSAT KKMUTNB Academic Challenge of Knowledge Satellite
KO Korean Oscar
KOMPSAT Korean Multipurpose Satellite
KR Kent Ridge
KSU-Cubesat King Saud University Cubesat
KUTESat Kansas Universities' Technology Evaluation Satellite

L Luna
Lab Laboratory
LACE Low-Power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
LAGEOS Laser Geodynamics Satellite
LAIMP Lunar Anchored Interplanetary Monitoring Platform
Lampo ?
LARES Laser Relativity Satellite
LCROSS Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite
LCS Lincoln Calibration Sphere
LCT2 Low Cost TDRSS Transceiver
LDEF Long Duration Exposure Facility
LDREX Large-scale Deployable Reflector Experiment Model
LEDSAT LED-based small Satellite
LEM Lunar Excursion Module
LEOPARDSat 1 Low Earth Orbit Platform for Aerospace Research and Development CubeSat
LES Lincoln Experimental Satellite
LICIACube Light Italian Cubesat for Imaging of Asteroids
LIDOS Large Inclination Doppler Only Satellite
LINK Little Intelligent Nanosatellite of KAIST
LIPS Living Plume Shield
LISA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
LITE Lidar In Space Technology Experiment
LK Lunnyi Korabl
LLITED Low-Latitude Ionosphere/Thermosphere Enhancements in Density
LM Lunar Module
LMI Lockheed Martin Intersputnik
LMPC Linear Mode Photon-counting CubeSat
LMRSTSat Low Mass Radio Science Transponder Satellite
LOADS Low Altitude Density Satellite
LOFTI Low Frequency Trans Ionospheric Satellite
LOFTID Low Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator
LOGACS Low Gravity Accelerometer Calibration System
LOK Lunnyi Orbitalnyi Korabl
Losat-X Low Altitude Satellite Experiment
LRE Laser Ranging Equipment
LSM Life Support Module
LSTM Land Surface Temperature Monitoring
LTA Lunar Module Test Article

M2A Multimedia Asia
MA Mercury Atlas
MABES Magnetic Bearing Flywheel Experimental Satellite
MACSAT Medium-sized Aperture Camera Satellite
MACSAT Multiple Access Communication Satellite
Magic Magnetospheric Interkosmos
Magsat Magnetic Field Satellite
MAP Microwave Anisotrophy Probe
MAQSat Maquette Satellite
MarCO Mars Cube One
MARECS Maritime European Communication Satellite
MARIO Measurement of Actuator Response and Impedance on Orbit
Marisat Maritime Satellite
MARS Microgravity Applications Recoverable Satellite
MAS Maliy Avtonomiy Sputnik
MaSat Magyar Satellite
MAST Multi-Application Survivable Tether
MATS MMesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy
MAVEN Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution
MBD Oultimission Bus Demonstration
MBSAT Mobile Broadcasting Satellite
MC Magnetospheric Constellation
MCO Mars Climate Orbiter
MDS Mission Demonstration Satellite
MEASAT Malaysia East Asia Satellite
MegSat Meggiorin Satellite
MEPSI MEMS-based PICOSAT Inspector
MEROPE Montana Earth Orbiting Pico-Explorer
MERLIN Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission
Messenger Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging
METEOR Multiple Experiment Transport to Earth Orbit & Return
Meteosat Meteorological Satellite
METOP Meteorological Operational Satellite
METSAT Meteorological Satellite
MEV Mission Extension Vehicle
MGM Mars Global Mapper
MGS Mars Global Surveyor
MICROSCOPE Microsatellite à traînée Compensée pour l'Observation du Principe d'Equivalence
MIDAS Military Defense Alarm System
MIDEX Mid-Sized Explorer
Milstar Military Strategic & Tactical Relay
MIM Maliy Issledovatel'ny Modul'
MIMOSA Micro Measurements Of Satellite Acceleration
MinXSS Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer
MiRaTA Microwave Radiometer Technology Acceleration
MIRAX Monitor e Imageador de Raios-X
MIRCA Micro Reentry Capsule
MIRKA Mikro-Rückkehrkapsel
MisST Microsatellite in-situ Space Technologies
MITA Mini-Satellite Italiano a Tecnologia Avanzata
MLM Multipurpose Laboratory Module / Mnogozelewoi Laboratorny Modul
MLM-U Multipurpose Laboratory Module - Usovershenstvovanny / Mnogozelewoi Laboratorny Modul - Upgrade
MMS Magnetospheric Multiscale
MMU Manned Maneuvering Unit
MNTV Mercury Network Test Vehicle
MO Malaysian Oscar
MO Mars Observer
MO Mars Orbiter
MO Mexican Oscar
MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory
MOL-HSQ Manned Orbital Laboratory - Heat Shield Qualification Test
MOP Meteosat Operational Programme
MOS Marine Observation Satellite
MOST Microvariability and Oscillation of Stars
MPF Mars Pathfinder
MPL Mars Polar Lander
MPLM Multi-Purpose Pressurised Logistics Module
MPM Multi Purpose Module
MR Mercury Redstone
MR-BD Mercury Redstone - Booster Development
mRESINS mini Redundant Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
MRM Mini Research Module
MS ?
MS Mercury Scout
MSat Mobile Communication Satellite
MSD Multi Satellite Dispenser
MSG Meteosat Second Generation
MSL Material Science Laboratory
MSTI Miniature Sensor Technology Integration
MSX Midcourse Space Experiment
MTCube Memory Test CubeSat
MTI Multispectral Thermal Imager
MTP Meteosat Transition Programme
MTS Meteoroid Technology Satellite
MT-Sat Multifunctional Transport Satellite
MUBLCOM Multiple Path Beyond Line of Sight Communication
MuSat Mu (Micro) Satellite
Muses Mu Space Engineering Satellite
MySat Malaysian Satellite

NABEO Nanosat Bremssegel Entfaltversuch im Orbit
NanoFF Nanosatellites in Formation Flight
NAOS National Advanced Optical System
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Navstar Navigation System using Timing And Ranging
Ncube Norwegian Cubesat
NDS Nuclear Detection Satellite
NEAR Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
NEMO Naval Earth Map Observer
NEOWISE Near-Earth Object Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer
NEP Nucno-Energeticeskaya Platforma
NEXTSat/CSC Next Generation Satellite and Commodities Spacecraft
NEXUS Next Generation X Unique Satellite
NFIRE Near Field Infrared Experiment
NGSS Next Generation Sky Survey
NGST Next Generation Space Telescope
NISAR NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar
NMP New Millenium Program
NMTSat New Mexico Tech Satellite
NNS Navy Navigation Satellite
NO Naval Oscar
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Nodes Network & Operation Demonstration Satellite
NOSS Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite
NOSS-MSD Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite - Multi Satellite Dispenser
NOSS-TLD Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite - Titan Launch Dispenser
NPOES National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite
NPP NPOESS Preparatory Project
NPS-SCAT Naval Postgraduate School Solar Cell Array Tester
NPSat Naval Postgraduate School Satellite
NRL-PL Naval Research Laboratory Payload
NSS New Skies Satellite
N-Star Nippon Star
NTS Navigation Technology Satellite
NUDTSat National University of Defense Technology Satellite
Nusat North Utah Satellite
NuSTAR Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array

O Operational (Transit)
OAO Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
OAST-Flyer Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology Flyer
OCO Orbiting Carbon Observatory
OCSD Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration
OCSE Optical Calibration Sphere Experiment
ODERACS Orbital Debris Radar Calibration Sphere
OEX-Target Orbiter Experiment Target
OFO Orbiting Frog Otolith
OGCh Orbital'noy Golovnoy Chasti
OGMS-SA Outgassing Material Study by Spectroscopy Analysis
OGO Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
OI Operational Improved (Transit)
OICETS Optical Inter-orbit Communication Engineering Test Satellite
OMOTENASHI Outstanding Moon exploration Technologies demonstrated by Nano Semi-Hard Impactor
OO Opal Oscar
O/OREOS Organics and/or Organisms Exposure to Orbital Stresses
OPAL Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher
OPAL Oxygen Photometry of the Atmospheric Limb
OPEN Open Prototype for Educational NanoSats
OPS Orbitalnaya Pilotiruemaya Stanziya
OPUSAT Osaka Prefecture University Satellite
Orbcomm Orbital Communication
Orbis Orbiting Radio Beacon Ionospheric Satellite
Orbiscal Orbiting Radio Beacon Ionospheric Satellite Calibration
OrbView Orbital View
OreSat Oregon Satellite
OREX Orbital Reentry Experiment
ORFEUS-SPAS Orbiting & Retrievable Far & Extreme UV Spectrometer - Shuttle Palette Satellite
OrigamiSat 1 Organization of research Group on Advanced deployable Membrane structures for Innovative space science Satellite
ORS Octahedral Research Satellite
ORS Operationally Responsive Space
ORS Tech Operationally Responsive Space - Technology
ORSES Operationally Responsive Space Enabler Satellite
OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSIRIS-3U Orbital Satellite for Investigating the Response of the Ionosphere to Stimulation and Space Weather - 3 Unit Cubesat
OS Orbiting Sample
OSL Orbiting Solar Laboratory
OSNSAT Open Space Network Satellite
OSO Orbiting Solar Observatory
OSTM Ocean Surface Topography Mission
OT Operational Tiros
OTB Orbital Test Bed
OTS Orbital Test Satellite
OUFTI Orbital Utility For Telecommunications / Technology Innovations
OV Orbiter Vehicle
OV Orbiting Vehicle
OV OrbView
OXP Orbcomm Experiment Platform

P Probe
P Project
PAC Package Attitude Control
PACE Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem
PACE Platform for Attitude Control Experiments
PACSAT Packet Radio Satellite
PAGEOS Passive Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite
PAMS-STU Passive Aerodynamically Stabilized Magnetically Damped Satellite - Satellite Test Unit
PAN Palladium At Night
PAN Pathfinder for Autonomous Navigation
PANSAT Petite Amateur Navy Satellite
PARASOL Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Science coupled with Observations from a LIDAR
PAS Pan Am Satellite
PasComSat Passive Communication Satellite
PASI Philippine Agila Satellite Inc.
PATCOOL Passive Thermal Coating Observatory Operating in Low earth orbit
PATRIOT Plasma Ambipolar Thruster for Rapid In-Orbit Transfers
PCSat Prototype Communication Satellite
PDD Payload Deployment Device
PDP Plasma Diagnostics Package
PEASSS Piezo Electric Assisted Smart Satellite Structure
Pegsat Pegasus Satellite
Peole Preliminaire Eole
PEST Plasma Experiment Satellite Test
PetitSat Plasma Enhancements in The Ionosphere-Thermosphere Satellite
PFS Particles & Field Subsatellite
PHASR Personal Hazards Associated with Space Radiation
PICASSO PICosatellite for Atmospheric and Space Science Observations
PICASSO-CENA Pathfinder Instrument for Cloud and Aerosol Spaceborne Obeservation - Climatologie Etendue des Nuages et des Aerosols
PICOSat Polymer Battery Experiment / Ionospheric Occulation Experiment / Coherent Electro Magnetic Radio Tomography / Optical Precision Platform Experiment - Satellite
PICS Passive Inspection CubeSat
PIRPL Prototype Infra-Red Payload
PISat PESIT Imaging Satellite
PIX Plasma Interaction Experiment
PLATO Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars
PMG Plasma Motor Generator
P Permanent Multipurpose Module
PO Pansat Oscar
PO Portugese Oscar
PODSAT Payload Orbital Delivery Satellite
POGO Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POGS & SSR Polar Orbiting Geomagnetic Survey & Solid State Recorder
Polar-Bear Polar Beacon Experiment & Auroral Research
PONSFD A, B Proximity Operations Nano-Satellite Flight Demonstration
POPACS Polar Orbiting Passive Atmospheric Calibration Sphere
Posat Portugese Satellite
PR_CuNaR PPerto Rico CubeSat NanoRocks
PREFIRE Polar Radiant Energy in the Far Infrared Experiment
PREMIER Programme de Retour d'Echantillons Martiens et Installation d'Expériences en Réseau
PRISM Picosatellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions
PRISMA Prototype Research Instruments and Space Mission technology Advancement
PROCYON Proximate Object Close flyby with Optical Navigation
PRoFILE Passive Radio Frequency Interference Location Experiment
ProSEDS Propulsive Small Expendable Deployer System
PROBA Project for On-Board Autonomy
PS Prostreishiy Sputnik
PSP Parker Solar Probe
PTD Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator
PTLS Persistent TT&C using LEO Satcom
PUNCH Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere
PVDX Perovskite Visuals and Degradation eXperiment
PVM Pioneer Venus Multiprobe
PVO Pioneer Venus Orbiter
PVSAT Performance Verification Satellite

QARMAN QubeSat for Aerothermodynamic Research and Measurements on Ablation
QQW Qi Qui Weixing
QSAT-EOS Kyushu Satellite for Earth Observation System Demonstration
QSS Quantum Science Satellite
QuARCS Quad Amateur Radio Communications Satellite
QUESS Quantum Experiments at Space Scale
QuikSCAT Quick Scatterometer
QuikTOMS Quick Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer

RACE Radiometer Atmospheric CubeSat Experiment
Radcal Radiation Calibration
Radcat Radar Calibration Target
RadFxSat Radiation Effects Satellite
RADOSE Radiation Dosimeter Experiment
Radsat Radiation Satellite
Radsat Radiation Satellite
RAE Radio Astronomy Explorer
RainCube Radar In a CubeSat
RAMPART Rapidprototyped Mems Propulsion And Radiation Test
RANGE Ranging And Nanosatellite Guidance Experiment
RAPIS Rapid Innovative Payload Demonstration Satellite
RASCOM Regional African Satellite Communication
RATE Radiant Teak
RAVAN Radiometer Assessment using Vertically Aligned Nanotubes
RBLE Radiation Belt Loss Experiment
RBSP Radiation Belt Storm Probes
REALOP Remote Experimentation and Analysis of Low Orbit Phenomena
RECONSO Reconnaissance of Space Objects
Reflector Retro-reflector Ensemble For Laser Experiments, Calibration, Testing & Optical Research
REP Rendezvous Evaluation Pod
REX Radiation Experiment
REXS Radiation Experiments SatelliteRadar Imaging Satellite
RFTSat Radio Frequency Tag Satellitee
RISAT Radar Imaging Satellite
RM Radiation Meteoroid
RM Radiometer
RM Research Module
RME Relay Mirror Experiment
RMS Radiation Meteoroid Satellite
ROBUSTA Radiation on Bipolar Test for University Satellite Application
ROCSat Republic of China Satellite
ROSA Roll-Out Solar Array
ROSAT Roentgen Satellit
RS Radio Sputnik
RS Rohini Satellite
RTDS Radar Tracking Density Satellite
RTP Rohini Test Payload
RXTE Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer

S Scientific
S-CUBE (S3) Shootingstar Sensing Satellite
S3 Small Secondary Satellite
SA Saturn Apollo
SABIA-Mar 1 (SAC E) Satélites Argentino-Brasileño para Información Ambiental del Mar
SAC Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas
SACI Satélite Científico
SAFER Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue
Safir Satellite for Information Relay
SAGE Stratospheric Aerosol & Gas Experiment
SALSAT Spectrum AnaLysis Satellite
SALT Spinsat Altimeter
Samos Satellite and Missile Observation System
SAMPEX Solar Anomalous & Magnetospheric Particle Explorer
SAMSON Space Autonomous Mission for Swarming and Geolocation with Nanosatellites
SAOCOM Satélite Argentino de Observación Con Microondas
SAPPHIRE Stanford Audio Phonic Photographic Infra Red Experiment
SARA Satellite Amateur de Radio-Astronomie
SAS Small Astronomy Satellite
SASSI2 Student Aerothermal Spectrometer Satellite of Illinois and Indiana
Satcom Satellite Communication
SATEC Satélite Tecnológico
SaudiSat Saudi Arabian Satellite
SAX Satellite Astronomia Raggio-X
SBIRS-High Space Based Infra Red Sensor - High Altitude
SBIRS-Low Space Based Infra Red Sensor - Low Altitude
SBD Special Bus Design
SBS Satellite Business System
SBSS Space-Based Space Surveillance
SBTS Sistema Brasilero de Telecomunicacoes por Satellite
SCaN-Tesbed Space Communications and Navigation Testbed
SCATHA Spacecraft Charging At High Altitudes
SCD Satelites de Coleta de Dados
SCE Store & Forward Selective Communication Experiment
SciSat Science Satellite
SCORE Signal Communication Orbit Relay Experiment
SCS Small Communication Satellite
SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory
SDS Satellite Data System
SE Solar Explorer
Seasat ?
SeaStar ?
SECOR Sequential Collation of Range
SECS Special Experimental Communication System
SEDS Small Expendable Deployer System
SEDSat Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Satellite
SEEDS Space Engineering Educational Satellite
SeeMe Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements
SELENE Selenological & Engineering Explorer
SERPENS Sistema Espacial para Realização de Pesquisa e Experimentos com Nanossatélites
SERT Space Electric Rocket Test
SERVIS Space Environment Reliability Verification Integrated System
SENSE Space Environmental NanoSat Experiment
SESAT Sibirian European Satellite
SESP Space Experiment Support Program
SEV Scout Evaluation Vehicle
SFU Space Flyer Unit
SGDC Satélite Geoestacionário de Defesa e Comunicações Estratégicas
SGLS Satellite Ground Link System
SHARC Satellite for High Accuracy Radar Calibration
SHFT Space-based High Frequency Testbed
SICRAL Sistema Italiano per Comunicazioni Riservate ed Allarmi
SIDEX Signal Identification Experiment
SIGF Solar Irradiance Gap Filler
SIGMA Scientific cubesat with Instruments for Global magnetic field and radiation
Signe Solar Interplanetary Gamma Ray Neutron Experiment
SIMBA Sun-earth Imbalance
SIMPL Satlet Initial-Mission Proofs and Lessons
SimSat Simulated Satellite
SINOD SRI International NanoSat Orbital Demonstration
SIR Spaceborne Imaging Radar
Sirio Satellite Italiano ricerca industriale orientato
SIRTF Space Infra Red Telescope Facility
SJ Shi Jian
SL Spacelab
SL-ASTRO Spacelab - Astronomy
SL-ATLAS Spacelab - Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications & Science
SL-D Spacelab - Deutschland
SL-IML Spacelab - International Microgravity Laboratory
SL-J Spacelab - Japan
SL-LMS Spacelab - Life & Material Science
SL-M Spacelab - Mir
SL-MSL Spacelab - Material Science Laboratory
SL-SLS Spacelab - Space Life Science
SL-USML Spacelab - United States Microgravity Laboratory
SLDCOM Satellite Launch Dispenser Communication
SLES Spacecraft Life Extension System
SLIM Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon
Sloshsat-FLEVO Sloshsat Facility for Liquid Experimentation and Verification in Orbit
SM Service Module
SMART Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology
SMARTsat Shape Memory Alloy Research Technology Satellite
SMDC-One Space Missile Defense Command - Operational Nanosatellite Effect
SMDC-TechSat Space Missile Defense Command - Technology Satellite
SME Solar Mesosphere Explorer
SMEX Small Explorer
SMILE Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer
SMILES Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder
SMM Solar Maximum Mission
SMOS Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity
SMS Synchroneous Meteorological Satellite
SMTS Space Missile Tracking System
S/N ?
SNAPS Stanford Nano Picture Satellite
Snapshot Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power Shot
SNIPE Small scale magNetospheric and Ionospheric Plasma Experiment
SNOE Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
SNoOPI SSigNals of Opportunity P-band Investigation
SO Stikovchnoy Otsek
SO Saudisat Oscar
SO Starshine Oscar
SO Sunsat Oscar
SOAR Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research
SOARS Space Object Automated Reporting Systems
SOCRATES Signal of Opportunity Cubesat Ranging and Timing Experiments
SOCRATES Space Optical Communications Research Advanced Technology Satellite
SOHO Solar Heliospheric Observatory
SOICAL Space Object Identification Calibration
Solarmax Solar Maximum Mission
SolO Solar Orbiter
Solrad Solar Radiation
Solwind Solar Wind
SONATE Solutus Nano atellite
SOOS Stacked Oscars On Scout
SORCE Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment
SORTIE Scintillation Observations and Response of The Ionosphere to Electrodynamics
SPACE-HAUC Science Program Around Communication Engineering with High Achieving Undergraduate Cadres
Space RIDER Space Reusable Integrated Demonstrator for Europe Return
SPADES Solar Perturbation of Atmospheric Density Experiment Satellite
SPADEX Space Docking Experiment
SPARC Space Plug-and-play Architecture Research Cubesat
SPARCS Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSat
SPARCLE Space Readiness Coherent Lidar Experiment
Spartan Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy
SPAS Shuttle Palette Satellite
SPASE Small Payload Access to Space Experiment
SPHINX Space Plasma High-Voltage Interaction Experiment
SPIDR Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Intergalactic Medium's Diffuse Radiation
SPIRALE Système Préparatoire Infra-Rouge pour l'Alerte
SPK Sredstvo Peredvizheniya Kosmonavtov
SPORT Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task
Spot Satellite Probatoire de l'Observation de la Terre
SPP Solar Power Platform
SPP Solar Probe Plus
SPRITE Supernova Remnants and Proxies for ReIonization Testbed Experiment
SPROUT Space Research On Unique Technology
Squirt Satellite Quick Research Testbed
SR Solar Radiation
SR Sun Ray
SRMSAT Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Satellite
SRATS Solar Radiation And Thermospheric Satellite
SRE Space Capsule Recovery Experiment
SRET Satellite des Recherches et d'Etudes Technologiques
SRL Space Radar Laboratory
SROSS Streched Rohini Satellite Series
SRTM Space Radar Topography Mission
SS Scientific Satellite
SSETI-Express Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative - Express
SSOT Sistema Satelital para Observación de la Tierra
SSP Solar Sail Sub Payload; Soraseiru Sabupeiro-do
SSR Satelites de Sensoriamento Remoto
SSR Solid State Recorder
SSS Small Scientific Satellite
SST Spitzer Space Telescope
SSU Subsatellite Unit
ST Singapore Thailand
ST Space Technologies
STACEM Sttudent Academic Environmental Monitoring
Starlette Satellite de Taille Adaptée avec Réflecteurs Laser por les Etudes de la Terre
STARS Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite
Starshine Student Tracked Atmospheric Research Satellite for Heuristic International Networking Equipment
Star-Rad Starfish Radiation
STARE Space-Based Telescope for the Actionable Refinement of Ephemeris
STEDI Student Explorer Demonstration Initiative
STENSAT Stenhouse Satellite
Stentor Satellite de Télécommunications pour Expérimenter les Nouvelles Technologies en Orbite
STEP Space Test Experiment Platform
STEP Cube Lab Space Technology Experimental Projects CubeSat Laboratory
STEREO Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory
STEX Sensor Technology Experiment
STF Simulation to Flight
STMSat Saint Thomas More Satellite
STPSat Space Test Program Satellite
STRaND Surrey Training Research and Nanosatellite Demonstrator
STRV Space Technology Research Vehicle
STS Space Transportation System
STSAT Science & Technology Satellite
STSS Space Tracking and Surveillance System
STTW Shiyan Tongbu Tongxing Weixing
STV Satellite Test Vehicle
SUCHAI Satellite of the University of Chile for Aerospace Investigation
SunRISE Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment
Sunsat Stellenbosch University Satellite
Surcal Surveilance Calibration
Surfsat Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Satellite
SurfSat Surface charging Satellite
SWARM-EX Space Weather Atmospheric Reconfigurable Multiscale Experiment
SWAS Sub-mm Wave Astronomy Satellite
SWFO-L1 Space Weather Follow-On - Lagrange 1
Syncom Synchroneous Communication

T2K ?
TACOMSAT Tactical Communication Satellite
TACSAT Tactical Communication Satellite
TACSAT Tactical Satellite
TAOS Technology for Autonomous Operational Satellite
TATS Test And Training Satellite
TAVE Thor Agena Vibration Experiment
TBEx Tandem Beacon Experiment
TC Tan Ce
TD Thor Delta
TDA Target Docking Adaptor
TDF Télédiffusion de France
TDO Technology Demonstration Orbiter
TDRS Tracking & Data Relay Satellite
TDS Technology Demonstration Satellite
TEAMSAT Technology education Experiment Added To MAQSat
TechEdSat 1 Technical and Educational Satellite
Techsat Technology Satellite
TechSat-21 Technology Satellites for the 21st Century
Tele-X ?
Telstar ?
Temisat Telespazio Micro Satellite
TEMPEST-D Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems - Demonstrator
Tempsat ?
TEPCE Tether Electrodynamics Propulsion CubeSat Experiment
TERRIERS Topographic Experiment using Radiative Recombinative Ionospheric EUV and Radio Sources
TES Technology Experiment Satellite
TETR Test and Training Satellite
TEX Transceiver Experiment
THEMIS Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms
TGO Trace Gas Orbiter
THEOS Thai Earth Observation System
Timation Time Navigation
TIMED Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere Energetics & Dynamics Mission
TINYSCOPE Tactical Imaging Nanosat Yielding Small-Cost Operations for Persistent Earth-coverage
TIP Transit Improvement Program
TiPS Tethers in Space Physics Satellite
TIROS Television & Infra-Red Observation Satellite
TJ3Sat Thomas Jefferson Cube Satellite
TJREVERB Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Research and Education Vehicle for Evaluating Radio Broadcasts
TKS Transportnaya Korabl Snabsheniya
TLD Titan Launch Dispenser
TMSat Thai Microsatellite
TO Thai Oscar
TOMS-EP Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer - Earth Probe
TOPEX The Ocean Topography Experiment
Topo Topographic Position Satellite
TopSat Tactical Optical Satellite
TOS Tiros Operational Satellite
TRAAC Transit Research And Attitude Control
TRACE Transition Region And Coronal Explorer
TRACERS Tandem Reconnection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites
Transat Transit & SATRACK / Translation Satellite
Transtage Transfer Stage
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TRS Tetrahedral Research Satellite
TRYAD Terrestrial Rays Analysis and Detection
TSS Tethered Satellite System
TSX Tri-Service Experiment
TTS Test & Training Satellite
TUBIN Technische Universität Infrared Nanosatellite
Tubsat Technische Universität Berlin Satellit
TVE Thrusted Vector Experiment

UARS Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UCLSat University College London Satellite
UDM Universal Docking Module
UFO Ultra High Frequency Follow On
UHF-FO Ultra High Frequency Follow On
UK United Kingdom
UKS United Kingdom Subsatellite
UNEX University Explorer
UNIFORM University International Formation Mission
Unisat University Satellite
UNITE Undergraduate Nano Ionospheric Temperature Explorer
UNOSAT Undergraduate Orbital Student Satellite
UO UoSat Oscar
UoS3 University of Southampton Small Satellite
UoSat University of Surrey Satellite
UPMSat Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Satellite
UPSat UUniversity of Patras Satellite
URSA MAIOR University of Rome la Sapienza Micro Attitude In Orbit testing
US-A Upravlenniye Sputnik Aktivny
US-K Upravlenniye Sputnik K...
US-KMO Upravlenniye Sputnik K... M... O...
US-KS Upravlenniye Sputnik K... S...
US-P Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny
US-PM Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny Modifikirovanny
USA United States of America
USERS Unmanned Space Experiment Recovery System
USM Universalny Stikovochny Modul'
USMP United States Microgravity Payload
UVR Ultra Violet Radiometer
UVSQ-SAT UltraViolet & infrared Sensors at high Quantum efficiency onboard a small Satellite
UWE University of Würzburg's Experimental satellite

VA Vozvrachaemaya Apparat
VCC Virginia CubeSat Constellation
VCL Vegetation Canopy Lidar
VDS Viking Dynamic Simulator
Vega Venera Gallei
Venµs Vegetation and Environment Monitoring New Micro-Satellite
VEP Vehicle Evaluation Payload
VIPER Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover
VISORS DSC Virtual Super-resolution Optics with Reconfigurable Swarms - Detector Spacecraft
VISORS OSC Virtual Super-resolution Optics with Reconfigurable Swarms - Optics Spacecraft
VitaSat Volunteers in Technical Assistance Satellite
VKK Vozdushno Kosmicheskiy Korabl
VNREDSat Vietnam Natural Resources, Environment and Disaster monitoring Satellite
Volcam Volcanic Ash Mission
VSOP Very Large Baseline Interferometry Space Observatory Programme
VSUME VHF Spectrum Utilization Measurement Experiment

WEOS Whale Ecology Observation Satellite
WEST Wide-beam European Satellite Telecominication
WESTPAC Western Pacific Laser Tracking Network Satellite
WE WISH World Environmental Watching & Investigation from Space Height
WFOV Wide Field of View
WGS Wideband Gapfiller Satellite
WINDS Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite
WIRE Wide Field Infra Red Explorer
WISE Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer
WO Weber Oscar
Wresat Weapons Research Establishment Satellite
WSF Wake Shield Facility

X Experimental
XI X-Factor Investigator
XMM X-Ray Multi Mirror Observatory
XSAT Exceptional Satellite
XSS Experimental Small Satellite
XTE X-Ray Timing Explorer

YES Young Engineer's Satellite
YUSAT Yushan Satellite

ZACube ZA (South Africa) Cubesat
ZX Zhonxing


Suborbital Payloads:

Acronym Meaning
ABIE-TLV Airborne Interceptor Experiment - Target Launch Vehicle
ABRES Advanced Ballistic Re-Entry Systems
AMICIST Auroral Microphysics and Ion Conics Investigation of Space and Time
ARCS Argon Release for Controlled Studies
ARD Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator
ASSET-AEV Aerothermodynamic / Elastic Structural System Test - Aerothermoelastic Vehicle
ASSET-ASV Aerothermodynamic / Elastic Structural System Test - Aerothermodynamic Structural Vehicle
BEAR Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket
BEARS Berkeley Extreme UV Airglow Rocket Spectrometer
BGRV Boost Glide Reentry Vehicle
BIC Barium Ion Cloud
BIOS Biological Investigations of Space
BMDTTP Ballistic Missile Defense Test Target Program
CAPER Cleft Accelerated Plasma Experiment Rocket
CHARGE Cooperative High Altitude Rocket Gun Experiments
COPE Cooperative Observations of Polar Electrodynamics
CSOAR Colorado Student Atmospheric Rocket
CWAS Cryogenic Whole Air Sampler
DARTfire Diffusive and Radiative Transport controlled fire
DROPPS Distributions and Role Particle in the Polar Summer Mesosphere using Co-ordinated Rocket, Radar and Lidar techniques
DUNDEE Down Under Early Warning Experiment
EIT-CalRoc Extreme UV Imaging Telescope Calibration Rocket
ERCS Emergency Rocket Communication System
ERRRIS E-Region Rocket radar Instability Study
EXCEDE Excitation by Electron Deposition
FIRE Flight Investigation of Re-Entry
GEODESIC Geo Electrodynamics and Electro Optical Detection of Electron and Suprathermal Ion Currents
GRP German Research Probe
HAP High Altitude Program
HIRAAS High Resolution Airglow / Aurora Spectroscopy Experiment
HOMER High Altitude Ozone Measuring and Educational Rocket
HRTS High Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph
Hugo Highly Unusual Geophysical Obeservations
Hyflex Hypersonic Flight Experiment
Hyper-X Hypersonic Experiment
IFT Initial Flight Test
LaTuR Langmuir Turbulence Rocket
LCXT Low Cost X-Ray Telescope
M ?
MALTED Mesospheric and lower Thermospheric Equatorial Dynamics
MBRV Maneuverable Ballistic Reentry Vehicle
MDT MSX Dedicated Target
METEORS Mesosphere - Thermosphere Emissions for Ozone Remote Sensing
MP ?
MSSTA Multispectral Solar Telescope Array
NERV Nuclear Emulsion Recovery Vehicle
NLTE Non Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
OEDIPUS Observation of Electric Field Distributions in the Ionospheric Plasma - a Unique Strategy
PACE University of Pittsburg Airglow Ion Chemistry Experiment
PAET Planetary Athmosphere Entry Test
PARX Pulsating Aurora Rocke Experiment
PHAZE Physics of Auroral Zone Electrons
PIMS Photoionisation Mass Spectrometer
PRIME Precision Recovery Including Maneuvering Entry
PULSAUR Pulsating Aurora
RACE Rocket Auroral Correlator Experiment
RAM Radio Attenuation Measurement
RFD Reentry Flight Demonstration
SAL Spread Around Liquid
SCARI Self Compensating All Reflection Interferometer
SCEX Several Compatible Experiments using Rocket-borne Accelerator
SCIFER Souding of the Cleft Ion Fountain Energization Region
SDP Special Defense Program
SERTS Solar EUV Rocket Telescope and Spectrograph
SHARP Slender Hypervelocity Aerothermodynamic Research Probe
SIP Space Interceptor Program
SPAR Space Processing Application Rocket
Sparta Special Anti-Missile Research Tests, Australia
SPEAR Space Power Experiment aboard Rocket
SPECTRE Student Run Program for Exoatmospheric Collection Technologies Rocket Experiment
SPINR Spectrograph for Photometric Imaging with Numeric Reconstruction
SPIRIT Space Infra-Red Imaging Telescope
SPIRIT Student Project Involving Rocket Investigation Techniques
SPP Scientific Passenger Pod
SRP Space Radio Project
TCM Thermal Convection Module
TR ?
WASP Weightless Analysis Sounding Probe
WISP Wisconsin Imaging Survey Polarimeter
XQC X-Ray Quantum Calorimeter

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