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Spacecraft: Platforms - Currently Available

Satellite Platforms Argentina Invap
China CAST
Europe Airbus Defence and Space (ex v ex Matra Marconi ex BAe)
Astrium (ex Dornier)
EADS Astrium & Alcatel Space
France Alcatel Space (ex Aerospatiale)
Germany OHB System
Technische Universitšt Berlin
India ISRO
Israel IAI
Italy Alenia Spazio
Japan Mitsubishi Electric
South Korea Satrec Initative (SATRECI)
ATK Space Division (ex Swales)
  • Rapid Core
  • SMEX-Lite
Ball Aerospace
Boeing (ex Hughes)
Lockheed Martin (ex GE ex RCA)
Millennium Space Systems
  • Altair
  • Aquila-M1
  • Aquila-M4
  • Aquila-M8
Northrop Grumman Space Technology
(ex TRW)
OSC (ex CTA ex DSI)
Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC)
(ex MicroSat Systems Inc.)
Space Systems Loral (ex Ford)
USSR / Russia Khrunichev Space Center
  • Yakhta
PM-NPO → ISS Reshetnev
PM Polyot
RKK Energiya
USSR / Ukraine Yuzhnoe
  • AUOS
  • DS
  • KS5MF2
  • Okean-O1 Bus
  • Okean-O Bus

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