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P-11 4430, ..., 4434

The satellites are the third series of so called "Subsatellite Ferrets" in the P-11 series, low orbit ELINT/SIGINT satellites to pinpoint and characterize different Radar emitters in the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact states.

In 1976 a new category of satellites began flying with orbits of 600700 kilometers and inclinations between 95.8 and 96.4 degrees. These satellites are part of the P-11 series, which has not been disclosed yet in detail. Until this was known, they were referred to as "Subsatellite Ferret D" (SSF-D).

It is not known, if the P-11 program name was still used, when these satellites were launched.

These subsatellites were deployed from racks mounted on the KH-9 Hexagon reconnaissance satellites. They used a solid-fuel kick-motor to maneuver themselves into their operational orbits after deployment.

The satellites contained each one or two focused payloads and might have differed in design.

This series of ELINT satellites was possibly named Farrah.

These satellites proved to be very long lived. The last two, launched in 1982 and 1984 were reportedly not deactivated until 2004.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: ELINT, SIGINT
Operator: USAF
Contractors: Lockheed
Equipment: ?
Configuration: mod. P-11 bus
Propulsion: Kick motor
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
P-11 4430 (OPS 5366) 1976-065C 08.07.1976 Va SLC-4E Titan-3D with KH-9 12, S3 3
P-11 4431 (OPS 6675) 1979-025B 16.03.1979 Va SLC-4E Titan-3D with KH-9 15
P-11 4432 (OPS 7858) 1978-029B 16.03.1978 Va SLC-4E Titan-3D with KH-9 14
P-11 4433 (OPS 6553) 1982-041C 11.05.1982 Va SLC-4E Titan-3D with KH-9 17
P-11 4434 (USA 3) 1984-065C 25.06.1984 Va SLC-4E Titan-34D with KH-9 19