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Samos F-2

The ELINT satellites known for decades only as "Heavy Ferrets" are now known to be a program associated with the Samos (Satellite and Missile Observation System) project. This first series of Heavy Ferrets was called Samos-F2. The exact objective of these satellites is still unknown.

Only the first Samos-F2 has been identified for sure, but based on the fact, that only four satellites of this series were built and only three more Agena-B based Ferrets were launched, the remaining flights could be tentatively identified.

Secondary Payloads

Some satellites carried secondary payloads mounted on the satellite:

  • Samos-F2 4 carried the Plymouth Rock ELINT payload

This series was followed by the Samos-F3 series of ELINT satellites.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: ELINT
Operator: USAF
Contractors: ?
Equipment: ?
Configuration: Agena-B
Propulsion: Bell 8081
Mass: ?
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Samos-F2 1 1962 δ 1 21.02.1962 Va 75-3-5 Thor-DM21 Agena-B
Samos-F2 2 1962 ω 1 18.06.1962 Va 75-3-5 Thor-DM21 Agena-B
Samos-F2 3 (OPS 0180) 1963-003A 16.01.1963 Va 75-3-5 Thor-DM21 Agena-B
Samos-F2 4 (OPS 1440) 1963-027A 29.06.1963 Va 75-3-5 Thor-SLV2A Agena-B