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Rømer (Roemer)

Rømer [DSRI]

Rømer was an astronomy satellite project to measure small variations in luminosity of nearby stars. It was planned to be launched in 2005.

The main instrument on the satellite was MONS (for Measuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars), to observe solar-like oscillations in stars and in this way investigate their interior structure and rotation. Following instruments were to be carried:

  • MONS telescope
  • Optical Field Monitor
  • Four WATCH cameras arranged to view entire sky
  • Coded Mask X-ray Telescope

It was expected that Rømer was to be launched with a Russian Soyuz-FG Fregat rocket, as a passenger on the launch of a communications satellite. This would bring the satellite into a so-called Molniya orbit, with a period of 12 hours and a largest and smallest distance from the Earth surface of around 40000 km and 600 km. This orbit allows for observations of stars anywhere in the sky in the course of the planned two-year mission.

Rømer was cancelled in 200x.

Nation: Denmark
Type / Application: Astronomy
Operator: Terma A/S
Contractors: Terma A/S
Equipment: 34 cm Telescope
Configuration: ?
Propulsion: ?
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 2 years
Mass: 85 kg
Orbit: Molniya orbit
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Rømer - cancelled Pl Soyuz-FG Fregat with ?