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ŅuSat 1, ..., 6 (Aleph-1 1, ..., 6)

ŅuSat 1 [Satellogic]

The Argentinian ŅuSat earth observation satellites form the Aleph-1 constellation developed and operated by Satellogic S.A.

The satellites in the constellation are identical 40 cm × 43 cm × 75 cm spacecraft of 37 kg mass. The satellites are equipped with an imaging system operating in visible light and infrared. The constellation will allow for commercially available real-time Earth imaging and video with a ground resolution of 1 m. The satellite were developed based on the experience gained on the BugSat 1 (Tita) prototype satellite.

An U/V transponder with 2 W of output power for 8 GHz downlink and 2 GHz uplink will be operating on 100 kHz bandwidth. For backup telemetry, designers are considering UHF transponder operating at 9k6 GFSK.

Additionally, ŅuSat-1 carries a U/V linear transponder called LUSEX provided by AMSAT Argentina (AMSAT-LU) to offer services to the HAM community.

The Aleph-1 constellation will consist of up to 25 satellites. The first two satellites will be launched as piggy-back payloads on a Chinese CZ-4B rocket in April 2016 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center into a 500 km sun synchronous orbit with an inclination of 97.5°. Four more will follow later in 2016.

Nation: Argentina
Type / Application: Earth observation
Operator: Satellogic S.A.
Contractors: Satellogic S.A.
Equipment: Imaging payload (all), LUSEX U/V linear transponder payload (#1)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 37 kg
Orbit: 480 km × 498 km, 97.50° (#1, 2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
ŅuSat 1 (Aleph-1 1, Fresco, Lusat-OSCAR 87, LO 87) 2016-033B 30.05.2016 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with ZY-3 02, ŅuSat 2
ŅuSat 2 (Aleph-1 2, Batata) 2016-033C 30.05.2016 TY LC-9 CZ-4B with ZY-3 02, ŅuSat 1
ŅuSat 3 (Aleph-1 3, Milanesat) 2017-034C 15.06.2017 Jq SLS-2 CZ-4B with HXMT, Zhuhai-1 01, Zhuhai-1 02
ŅuSat 4 (Aleph-1 4) - 2018 Jq SLS-2 CZ-2D (2) with Zhangheng 1, ŅuSat 5, GOMX 4A, GOMX 4B, FengMaNiu 1, Shaonian Xing
ŅuSat 5 (Aleph-1 5) - 2018 Jq SLS-2 CZ-2D (2) with Zhangheng 1, ŅuSat 4, GOMX 4A, GOMX 4B, FengMaNiu 1, Shaonian Xing
ŅuSat 6 (Aleph-1 6) - 2017 with