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Lampan 1, 2 / Sampan 2, 3 (P-11 4411, 4417)

Lampan [NSA]

The Lampan Sampan satellites were part of a series of so called Program 11 or P-11 "Subsatellite Ferrets", low orbit ELINT/SIGINT satellites to pinpoint and characterize different Radar emitters in the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact states.

The Lampan Sampan SIGINT general search payloads were featuring two-meter diameter parabolic dish antennas.

These subsatellites were deployed from the propulsion rack of the Agena-D stage of KH-4A Corona reconnaissance satellites. They used a solid-fuel kick-motor to maneuver themselves into their operational orbits after deployment.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: ELINT, SIGINT
Operator: USAF
Contractors: Lockheed (bus); Applied Technology Industries (Lampan payloads); SEL (Sampan 2 payload); Applied Technology Industries (Sampan 3 payload)
Equipment: ?
Configuration: P-11 bus
Propulsion: Kick motor
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Orbit: 472 km × 520 km, 83.10° (#1/2); 408 km × 454 km, 65.71° (#2/3)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Lampan 1 / Sampan 2 (P-11 4411, OPS 7076) 1968-020B 14.03.1968 Va SLC-1E Thorad-SLV2G Agena-D with KH-4A 46
Lampan 2 / Sampan 3 (P-11 4417, OPS 1721) 1969-041B 02.05.1969 Va SLC-3W Thorad-SLV2G Agena-D with KH-4A 51