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GLASS (Геодезический Лазерный Автономный Сферический Спутник, Geodesic Laser Autonomic Spherical Satellite) is a passive geodetic satellite made from glass.

GLASS-M is a 210 mm diameter glass sphere made of an inner and outer spherical body made from glass of different densities. It has a mass of 18 kg

The purpose of the mission is to improve geodetic measurements to increase the accuracy of the GLONASS satellite navigation system.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Technology, geodesy
Operator: NII Pretsizionnogo Priborostroeniya (NIIPP)
Contractors: NII Pretsizionnogo Priborostroeniya (NIIPP)
Equipment: Ball lens
Configuration: 21 cm sphere
Propulsion: None
Power: None
Mass: 18 kg
Orbit: 1500 km × 1500 km, 82.6
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
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