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Geo-IK-2 (Musson-2, 14F31)

Geo-IK-2 [ISS Reshetnev]

The Geo-IK-2 is a follow on geodesy mission to the GEO-IK series.

The Geo-IK-2 satellites feature following instruments:

  • SADKO radar altimeter
  • Laser retro reflectors
  • GLONASS and GPS receiver

The satellites are put into a 1000 km orbit by Rokot-KM, Soyuz-2-1v Volga or Angara-1.2 rockets launched at the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

The first launch on board of a Rokot-KM booster took place on 1 February 2011. The launch failed to reach the correct orbit and ground controllers were initially not able to establish contact with the satellite called Kosmos 2470. After evaluations to use the satellite from this orbit, it was finally declared a total loss in June 2011. It reentered on July 15,2013.

The second satellite was ordered to be launched in 2014, but the launch has slipped until 2016.

In August 2012, a third satellite was ordered as a replacement for the lost mission. It is planned to be launched in 2017.

Nation: Russia
Type / Application: Geodesy
Contractors: ISS Reshetnev (ex NPO Prikladnoi Mekhaniki, NPO PM) (prime), Thales Alenia (altimeter)
Equipment: SADKO radar altimeter, Laser retro reflectors, GLONASS and GPS receiver
Configuration: 3-Axis stabilized Uragan-M bus ?
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: ~1400 kg
Orbit: 1000 km × 1000 km, 99.4 (planned); 319 km × 1053 km, 99.5 (#1, reached); 936 km × 961 km, 99.28 (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Kosmos 2470 (Geo-IK-2 1, Musson-2 1) (11L) 2011-005A 01.02.2011 Pl LC-133/3 P Rokot-KM
Kosmos 2517 (Geo-IK-2 2, Musson-2 2) (12L) 2016-034A 04.06.2016 Pl LC-133/3 Rokot-KM
Kosmos 25xx (Geo-IK-2 3, Musson-2 3) (13L) - 2017 Pl LC-133/3 Rokot-KM
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