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Ex-Alta 1 (QB50 CA03)

Ex-Alta 1 [University of Alberta]

Ex-Alta 1 (Experimental Albertan 1) is a Canadian 3U-CubeSat designed by the Department of Physics of the University of Alberta participating in the QB50 project.

Ex-Alta 1 carries a digital fluxgate magnetometer for the University of Alberta and the multi-Needle Langmuir Probe (mNLP) payload for QB50.

The Ex-Alta 1 Satellite has the following science objectives:

  • Serve as a platform for the In Orbit Demonstration (IOD) of a digital fluxgate magnetometer designed at the University of Alberta.
  • Address multi-point space plasma physics with data from the QB50 constellation using the Langmuir probe common payloads and the digital fluxgate magnetometer.
  • Take part in the QB-50 string-of-pearls constellation for in-situ measurements of the lower thermosphere to build an accurate model.

The QB50 project, which will demonstrate the possibility of launching a network of 50 CubeSats built by Universities Teams all over the world as a primary payload on a low-cost launch vehicle to perform first-class science in the largely unexplored lower thermosphere.

The satellites of the QB50 constellation will be launched to the ISS in mid 2016, from where they will be deployed.

Nation: Canada
Type / Application: Technology, thermospheric research
Operator: University of Alberta
Contractors: University of Alberta
Equipment: Digital fluxgate magnetometer, mNLP
Configuration: CubeSat (3U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells batteries
Lifetime: 3 months
Mass: 4 kg
Orbit: 400 km × 400 km, 51
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Ex-Alta 1 (QB50 CA03) TBD 18.04.2017 CC SLC-41 Atlas-5(401) with Cygnus CRS-7, ALTAIR 1, SUSat, UNSW-EC0, i-INSPIRE 2, ZA-AeroSat, nSIGHT 1, LilacSat 1, NJUST 1, Aoxiang 1, SOMP 2, QBITO, Aalto 2, X-CubeSat, SpaceCube, DUTHSat, UPSat, Hoopoe, LINK, SNUSAT 1, SNUSAT 1b, qbee50-LTU-OC, BeEagleSat, HAVELSAT, Phoenix, PolyITAN-2-SAU, QBUS 1, QBUS 2, QBUS 4, CSUNSat 1, CXBN 2, KySat 3, SHARC, Biarri-Point, Lemur-2 30, ..., 33