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GSLV Mk.1(2) (GSat 3)

GSLV Mk.2 (GSat 4) [ISRO]

The indian GSLV (Geostationary Launch Vehicle) series are launch vehicles in the 2500 kg to GTO class, which feature a unusual combination of different kind of stages. The first stage consists of a large solid rocket, derived from the PSLV first stage. It is augmented by four liquid fueled strap-on boosters, which have a longer burn time than stage 1. Each booster is powered by a Vikas engine and remains connected with stage 1 during the flight. The second stage is a liquid fueled stage featuring storable propellants. It is the same as used in the PSLV and is also powered with a Vikas engine. The cryogenic stage 3 for the Mk.1 version is powered by the russian KVD-1M engine, which was originally developed for a cryogenic version of the Proton launch vehicle. It was replaced by the Mk.2 version, which features the indian built CE7.5 engine.

List of all PSLV / GSLV family launches

Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
GSLV Mk.1 4 × L-40 / Vikas GS-1 / S-125 GS-2 (L-37.5) / Vikas GS3 (C-12) / KVD-1M -
GSLV Mk.1 (2) 4 × L-40H / Vikas GS-1 / S-139 GS-2 (L-37.5H) / Vikas GS3 (C-12) / KVD-1M -
GSLV Mk.1 (3) 4 × L-40H / Vikas GS-1 / S-139 GS-2 (L-37.5H) / Vikas GS3 (C-15) / KVD-1M -
GSLV Mk.2 4 × L-40H / Vikas GS-1 / S-139 GS-2 (L-37.5H) / Vikas GS3 (CUS-12) / CE7.5 -
GSLV Mk.2A 4 × L-40H / Vikas GS-1 / S-139 GS-2 (L-37.5H) / Vikas GS3 (CUS-15) / CE7.5 -
GSLV Mk.2C 4 × L-40H / Vikas GS-1 / S-139 GS-2 (L-40H) / Vikas GS3 (CUS-15) / CE7.5 PAM-G
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
GSLV Mk.1 5000 2900 1540 -
GSLV Mk.1 (2) 5000 2900 2150 -
GSLV Mk.2 2200 -
GSLV Mk.2A 3100 2350 -
GSLV Mk.2C 955
No: TypeNo:Serial     Type            Date          LS    Payload

 1    1    GSLV-D1    GSLV Mk.1       20.04.2001 p  Sr FLP   GSat 1
 2    1    GSLV-D2    GSLV Mk.1(2)    08.05.2003    Sr FLP   GSat 2
 3    2    GSLV-F01   GSLV Mk.1(2)    20.09.2004    Sr FLP   GSat 3 (EduSat)
 4    3    GSLV-F02   GSLV Mk.1(2)    10.07.2006 F  Sr SLP   Insat 4C
 5    4    GSLV-F04   GSLV Mk.1(2)    02.09.2007 p  Sr SLP   Insat 4CR
 6    1    GSLV-D3    GSLV Mk.2       25.04.2010 F  Sr SLP   GSat 4 (HealthSat)
 7    1    GSLV-F06   GSLV Mk.1(3)    25.12.2010 F  Sr SLP   GSat 5P
 8    2    GSLV-D5    GSLV Mk.2       05.01.2014    Sr SLP   GSat 14 
 9    3    GSLV-D6    GSLV Mk.2       27.08.2015    Sr SLP   GSat 6
10    4    GSLV-F05   GSLV Mk.2       08.09.2016    Sr SLP   Insat 3DR
11    5    GSLV-F09   GSLV Mk.2       05.05.2017    Sr SLP   GSat 9 (South Asian Satellite)


 x    x    GSLV-      GSLV Mk.2A      xx.xx.2018    Sr       Chandrayaan 2
 x    x    GSLV-F10   GSLV Mk.2A      xx.xx.2018    Sr       GISAT 1
 x    x    GSLV-      GSLV Mk.2A      xx.xx.20xx    Sr       GISAT 2
 x    1    GSLV-F08   GSLV Mk.2A      xx.xx.2018    Sr       GSat 6A

Flight 1:       Stage 3 shut down 10 sec. too early
Flight 4:       Failure in one of the strap-ons, diverted from course
Flight 5:       Underperformance of upper stage, lower than planned orbit
Flight 6:       upper stage failed
Flight 7:       Control lost after 47 sec, disintegrated after 53 sec

Launch sites:

Sr  = Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota Space Center), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India India